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These are Answers to Questions that people have asked. The answers are not official answers from the Church of Scientology, but rather, simply answers that lay persons felt were right when they answered them. We hope they make sense and are useful. The answers may be corrected for grammar and punctuation, and if the source of the answer has offered change, that suits them better now, that change will be implemented herein as well.

How Does Scientology Affect Your Life?

. ANSWER: Scientology affects you in a big way once you understand what it is about. The benefits of learning Scientology are immense. Let us

My Experience

By Dick Lam My personal experience as a Scientologist . About 13 years ago, I was dead already. I do not say that to be

Radiation Dangers

By a Scientology Layman. He composed this for his wife who volunteered in the Fukushima region of Japan some time after the nuclear reactor explosion

What is the L Ron Hubbard style of management?

Someone in my immediate family went to a job interview today, and in the pre-employment screening they said they adhered themselves to the management style

What really is Scientology?

ANSWER: This has been answered before and I answer it again here. Scientology is a philosophy. All religions are philosophy. People are what you might

What is Scientology – Briefly?

ANSWER: Let us first ask, what is religion, as that answers what is Scientology. Really. The answer is easy. Religion can best be described as

When Did Scientology Open?

ANSWER: It opened to the public when L. Ron Hubbard wrote his first book on the subject. But before Scientology – a study of the

Is Scientology a Religion?

. Much of the debate of the religiosity of Scientology hangs incorrectly on the inability of some to understand what a religion is. How can

What is the Scientology View of Medicine?

ANSWER: . IT IS JUST LIKE MOST OTHERS – COMMON SENSE. This is simple to answer. Scientologists, like everyone else, run bodies, and our bodies

Is There a Low Cost Way I Can Test Scientology to See if it Works?

. That is a good question. While I could suggest a few things to you that could be hit or miss such, as a personality