Knowing Who You Can Trust Course

On Good or bad … How can you tell people apart?

Find out who you can trust.


OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS on knowing on who you can rely on. But how can you tell who your real friends are? How can you determine if a person will help make a joint venture successful?

Is there a way to predict behaviour? 

Yes. There are fundamental elements to human behaviour. When you know them you have insight into your fellow man, and just by observing how people act, you will know everything about them. 

On the Knowing Who You Can Trust course you will learn:

    The important role of trust in human relationships.

    The Hubbard chart of human Evaluation – the tool to know     true character and predict what people will do.

    How to evaluate others accurately and guarantee a more         certain future for yourself and those you care about.

With the knowledge you learn on this course, you will have tools to know who you can trust and who you can depend on.Length of course is 4 days part time.

Success: “In the past I’ve been too quick to make friends, and so at times I got involved with the wrong people. Now that I understand the emotional Tone Scale and the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation, I have the technology to properly determine who I can trust.” V.J.

Success: “I really liked this course. I am able to use this data in my life to know who to associate with and who not to. I also gained a better understanding on the subject  of Trust. I used to put too much emphasis on trusting people. Now I know what to look for in people and can trust them from that alone. No more worry and thinking about it all the time.” R.L.

Success: “Being a good person can get you in a lot of trouble sometimes, especially when you don’t know who to trust. The information contained in the course is basic enough for anyone to understand. It has influenced my behaviour forever for the good. No more regrets when I turn people away who are no good to me. I can save time, energy and emotional pain now that I know what to expect.” S.P.

Life Improvement Courses are studied using a Scientology development called a “checksheet.” Every step of the course is listed in sequence and one checks them off as they are completed. This allows each student to study at their own optimum speed.

Courses are studied in the course room at 106 Alinga street, under trained supervisors. These supervisors are trained so that you can understand the data and get the benefits from it.

Location: 106 Alinga Street. On the corner of Alinga Street and Verity Lane. You are very welcome.

Open seven days a week during the day and evenings on week days.

We are right on the Canberra bus interchange, and paid parking is very close by.  It is very easy to get here.

106 Alinga St., Canberra City.

PHONE: 02 6223 2063

Locate the Church of Scientology of Canberra here.

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