What is the L Ron Hubbard style of management?

Someone in my immediate family went to a job interview today, and in the pre-employment screening they said they adhered themselves to the management style of L. Ron Hubbard and asked if that would be an issue.

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Good question. L. Ron Hubbard’s style of management is based on statistical management. He found that when organizations followed certain actions they expanded and when they did not they contracted. The owners of the organization will likely have a license from WISE, an acronym for the World Institution of Scientology Enterprises. The method of management is that which is used within the Church itself and which has expanded from one to a few to millions of members. It is obviously quite effective. But the management is not a spiritual type of thing. It is very down to earth. Many large companies today use it and many or most are non Scientology related companies. (You would know the names of them but I will not write them here.)

Many WISE companies also have consultants who consult other companies to expand them. I used to do such consulting twenty years ago and I was a member of WISE.

If your brother or you want to find out more you should ask the owners to show you more. The management system has been secularized so as to not have any of the religious styled writings. It will basically be all about graphs, statistics, and what to do to expand the organization, and what to do when it gets smaller so as to reverse shrinkage and so on. It is in its own right a management technology and philosophy. I obviously still use it.

But the best thing to do is to simply ask the people who are running the company what it is, more precisely. They should be quite flattered you asked.

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