Is There a Low Cost Way I Can Test Scientology to See if it Works?


That is a good question. While I could suggest a few things to you that could be hit or miss such, as a personality test, I think I should first explain a bit more about Scientology. It is a philosophy, meaning that it has to do with a way of life. It is the philosophy and the application of it that brings the change. No one can wave a golden wand and pronounce you more able. It takes a little time. At least enough time to read a short book.

I do not believe there is any way any religion can prove itself in a short time, though I believe there are many positive things in many good religions.

For a start, with Scientology, you have to know what the philosophy is about. Simply, it is about life. If you knew about life, you would be less effect of it, right?

If in reading some Scientology or Dianetics text about life, and then life became less confusing, to that degree you would have gotten better. Most people can tell the difference from reading one book.

So, here is my best suggestion. Read a book. There is one book that can be read in maybe 5 or 6 hours. It is called: Problems of WorkScientology Applied To The Workaday World. You can find it in many libraries. It costs nothing to borrow it.

But first, I would ask you to think about this: what are you? I do not mean your body. Some people do not want to think about such things. But life is different to the physical universe. Things that are alive are different to things that are inanimate. It is not just amino acids and proteins that that make life. Life has properties that inanimate things do not have. For example, life has the ability to change its position, and move to something that it likes. Plants grow towards the sun. You sit next to your girlfriend and so on. Inanimate objects cannot do this. So life has some self determined real property. But can you measure it? Maybe, or maybe not. I do not think there is any physical instrument that can measure this yet. But you can objectively quantify it I think. You can see you have more life than a cow. A cow has more life than a rodent. A rodent more than a fly – and so it goes down to a bacteria.

Scientology is a study about life. But as you cannot measure life itself, but only observe it, it is hard to prove anything other than subjective benefits. Sure, we have IQ tests, personality tests and so on. But the best test is if you like it yourself and if you benefit yourself.

My suggestion is read the above book. And, maybe you even got to deeper thinking by what I have suggested now.

Good luck.

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