What is the Scientology View of Medicine?




This is simple to answer. Scientologists, like everyone else, run bodies, and our bodies need fixing from time to time. They may need dental work, anti-biotics, broken bones fixed and so on. Scientologists like others want to live long and healthy lives. Medicine, not abused, is part of life and helps a person live a long and happy life.

That is the simplicity of it. Scientologists will have surgery like anyone else, use medicine like others.

The only difference is that Scientologists will be less likely to use psychiatric drugs to handle a mental problem, or if they do, it will be for a short duration of time and not be administered by a psychiatrist, but more likely by a GP. Scientology is not totally against the use of these medicines, but rather their abuse and excessive over-usage. And, if natural solutions can be found that work equally as well, they are more likely to be used, but again, administered by a GP. Always it is the choice of the individual, and not the Church, as the Church generally does not get involved in such matters, but has a policies to refer people on such matters to a doctor. That is very clear cut.

Scientologists do however, look at the benefits of living a healthy life-style, and are encouraged though the booklet The Way To Happiness, to eat properly and sleep properly. That is it. Just normal stuff.

Perhaps the only reason someone may ask this question is because Scientologists do a spiritual program called the Purification Rundown, which rids a person of toxic substances from body fat tissue so as to get spiritual gain from having a clean body. Yes, Scientologists do this program, but it does not mean they do not need medicine and surgery at times.

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