What really is Scientology?


This has been answered before and I answer it again here.

Scientology is a philosophy. All religions are philosophy. People are what you might say are a combination of life source and body. Some people want to know what they are, where they come from and where they are going. There is a difference between a dead body and a live one, or a piece of wood and a tree. So what is it – this life? Now, not everyone wants to know that answer. People have a natural resistance to change. New religions have to suffer that resistance, even if the resistance is illogical, name calling, or wacky. But in the end, if the philosophy makes sense and helps people, it will grow. Have a look at Scientology. It grows in the face of such resistance.

Scientology is a study of the laws that govern life. Once a person knows these laws, he can run life, instead of life running him. It is that simple. Likely you have had experience when you wished you knew more on what made people tick, and that by not knowing, you were left confused.

So, let us say you are 5 years old like you suggest. You make your body move. An inanimate object cannot do that. Life can. So what is life? Then the next question is, why don’t you already know who you are? That is also solved with Scientology. Where did you come from is solved too.

Now, I will give you an example of how a law of life can help you. Life follows different laws to the physical universe. You cannot see gravity but it exists. Same for life. If you hold a pen in the air, let go, you know what it will do. It will fall. That is a simple law of the universe.

A comparative law of life is, that life reduces the distance between itself and what it likes. You like your friend, so you stand close. A tree likes the sun so it pushes leaves upward. A child likes ice cream and mom so grabs hold of mom’s hand and takes her to the ice cream vendor.

Once you know these laws, and there are hundreds of them, you can raise IQ, solve problems of life, help people, make life better for yourself, your friends and so on. Plus it is nice to really know what you are, what life is, where you came from and where you are going.

You have also heard of auditing, the counseling Scientologists use. This counseling uses these laws of life, and is extremely effective in making people brighter and more able. You start to restore your memory for  a start. You may think your first memory is at 5 years old. But it is much earlier, and a well restored memory can go way back, way back into the past.

I hope I have given you enough information, and it is simple enough. If you want a good book on the subject, try Scientology – The Fundamentals Of Thought. You can find it in most libraries.

As I said, people resist change. As an example, it was once said that you could not travel faster than a horse, that plane flight was impossible, and if you tried these things you would perish. We laugh at these predictions of the past now. Some people had enough adventure and verve, so look where we are now. Scientology is new, it is different and rather exciting.

Locate the Church of Scientology of Canberra here.

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