Radiation Dangers

By a Scientology Layman. He composed this for his wife who volunteered in the Fukushima region of Japan some time after the nuclear reactor explosion incident.

How does radiation cause cancer?

What can you do if there?

There is a lot of concern over radiation and how it creates cancer. So here is some data.

Radiation can mean different types of things, but here I will use gamma rays, as those are what are coming out from the crippled Japanese reactor at Fukushima and possibly the most harmful.

A gamma ray might be best thought of as a little bullet. (Some say a wave and others say its a packet of energy.) But just picture this as a condensed bullet package of energy. The energy is likely composed of photos, and possibly condensed dark matter. Dark matter comprises about eighty percent of the known physical universe. Man knows almost nothing of dark matter. But it is the tapestry upon which the universe is laid out. It keeps molecules apart, and atoms from imploding.

This bullet of energy – call it a gamma ray – goes into a body. It hits and strikes a WATER molecule in the body. Most times it will go right through the molecule. But sometimes it hits an electron of a water molecule in the body. As you know, the body is mostly water. The gamma ray then gives off a lot of its energy to that electron. The electron now has extra energy and is able to escape the atoms that it had up to them been bound to.

That water molecule was made up of two atoms of hydrogen, and one atom of oxygen. These atoms, when self contained, have a negative and positive charge. The negative and positive charges make these atoms either attract or repel other atoms with positive and negative charges. But H2O is fairly stable, and does not attract or repel. However, when hit by a gamma ray one of its electrons can be highly charged and flies off. Electrons are held to their atoms by what is called electrical potential. It is a bit like a satellite around the earth, which has just the right height and speed to stop itself from flying away or falling to earth. But when the electron receives the extra energy from the gamma ray, it flies off and leaves orbit, just like a space ship when it reaches escape velocity.

Without this electrical energy and charge of the electron that just left, the water molecule can no longer hold itself together. It breaks and divides into the two hydrogen atoms, which then form a stable hydrogen molecule, H2, and an unstable oxygen atom missing an electron. We now say the oxygen atom is ionized.

That oxygen atom is unbalanced after the break up and loss of electron charge. Because of this unbalance it is seeking another atom with the corresponding charge to attach itself to. So it moves around, until it finds one. The atom it often finds is carbon, in a living cell in a DNA strand. The oxygen latches onto the carbon atom, and by doing so causes the carbon atom in the DNA to break its bond with the atom it had previously been attached to.

The DNA has two strands that intertwine to form a double helix. Likely you were shown this at school. The strands must be exact with the right atoms. If one strand breaks, the DNA molecule will immediately copy itself and affect a repair. But, when two strands break, then the DNA ceases to act as a DNA for the body. It becomes something else, a cancer cell.

Human body cells normally multiply around a hundred or more times and then stops reproducing per their programming. But these new altered cancer cells are no longer the same life form. They are now composed of different molecules. They are a different format – cancer. Their programmed impulse to replicate is still there but they are now no longer a body part but some kind of other life form just expanding. The instruction to stop replicating after a hundred replications is no longer there. It is in the other strand that broke away. It is almost like the DNA strand breaks in two. One half has one program, to replicate, and the other strand has the program of when to stop. The cancer cell multiplies out of control. Furthermore, a normal body cell also has an instruction to slow down its replication rate when it is in close proximity to another similar cell. The cancer cell does not have this inhibition either. It just keeps multiplying, unstopped. Benign cancers will sometimes grow to the size of the organ they came from and then stop. They are benign because likely they still have this code to stop at that point in the replicating part of the DNA strand.

Cancer cells develop naturally when caused by background radiation, which is is 5R (R = roentgen, which is a measurement of radiation). Our bodies have developed in a world with a background of radiation, which produces cancer cells. So the body has an immune system to stop these cancer cells overwhelming the body. Our white blood cells are part of this immune system and they hunt down and kill cancer cells. You are born with these white blood cells and they have an ability to distinguish your own body cells from these otherwise foreign cancer cells.

One thing that helps prevent the conversion of DNA cells to cancer cells are antioxidants. These allow the wild ionized oxygen atoms to attach themselves to the antioxidants instead of your DNA.

Ascorbic acid, vitamin C, is an excellent antioxidant, as is vitamin E. Vitamin C also enhances the immune system which helps you send out more white cells to hunt down cancer cells. So, vitamins are an excellent way of reducing the probability of getting cancer once exposed to excessive radiation. You see, the body has developed an immune system to allow the body to survive in background radiation. But the body does not do well when the radiation levels grow and overwhelms the immune system with cancer cells.

Antioxidants thus play an important role in keeping the body balance of good health. If you absorb into the body things that knock out antioxidants, then the immune system may get overloaded in just normal background radiation. The things that knock out the antioxidants are called free-radicals.

Possibly a reason people gets cancer in normal society is this reason. They drink alcohol, coffee etc, eat too much sugar (sucks out vitamins-antioxidants), take drugs, and live in an impure atmosphere. All thee things we put into the body that are toxic are free-radicals. So the background radiation, along with maybe a few medical X Rays, does them in, as the immune system works less effectively. And as bodies absorb vitamins less with bad nutrition, they also absorb and accumulate more toxins with preservatives (more free radicals). And as people get older, people can appear to simply get cancer and die.

Another factor is that in the west we live around concrete which exudes radon, which again is more radiation.

So vitamins can play a very important part in long lived good health. But will vitamins stop every stray ionized oxygen atom caused by excessive radiation? It might be doubtful. But they must help to a greater degree and should be considered an possible precaution when living near radiation.

There is one vitamin that seems to help above many others and that is nicotinic acid, or vitamin B3. It has been cited in many recent articles, scientific abstracts and clinical trials as being able to affect repair of single strand breaks in the DNA molecule, even after radiation. That is, vitamin B3 helps the cell repair the broken single strand DNA break, before the other strand breaks. This is so especially when ionized oxygen is found to be the cause of the strand breaks.

There is strong scientific evidence that links radiation to anemia, loss of red blood cells. To counterbalance this radiation affect one could take an iron supplement of ferrous gluconate.

Another side affect of radiation is that radiation has been reported to bring about a degeneration of bone cells at plate cartilage, and bones may cease to grow. This in turn can adversely affect marrow. Dicalcium phosphate has been written up as a successful bone supplement.

You may have heard that the effects of radiation are cumulative. The affects of radiation just pile up. One aspect of this may be that cancer does not stop once started. The radiation might stop, but cancer may have already started. However, there are tumors (a form of cancer) that are encapsulated, and sometimes they can stop as mentioned above, as benign.

Radiation as a problem is not just the passage of a shooting gamma ray. With a nuclear explosion people do receive the effects of the radiation blast direct. But with the Fukushima nuclear generator it is the radioactive metal particles thrown into the air from the explosion of the plant shell that is the immediate problem. Plus there is the water they send in from fire trucks that is sent off as steam and vapor with any leaked radiation. Plus there is the white smoke that we see going into the atmosphere. The smoke, steam, water runoff, contains tiny solid bits of radioactive metals. That plant in Fukushima uses plutonium, a metal with a very powerful and long life. But being a metal it settles fairly quickly. It will blow into the sea, wash away etc. It can however settle on the grass and get eaten by a cow and get passed through with milk and other food. It can end up in drinking water, and maybe even in the water table.  It might end up in fish and edible seaweed. And if a person absorbs radioactive materials – such as plutonium, these will reside in the body just giving out their own radiation rays day after day for up to a half a million years.

So what precautions can a person take who is there? If one must absolutely go there, then the following could be useful. When outside wear a mask. That can prevent inhaling radioactive dust particles. Stay up wind of the damaged reactors. Stay indoors as much as possible. Take lots of vitamins, while not overloading yourself. Particularly take vitamin B3, nicotinic acid (but not niacinamide as that has been shown as little use), but take other vitamins in balance too. Remain well outside the Japanese and US nominated exclusion zones. Then leave at the earliest moment. There is no such thing as a totally safe amount of radiation above the background level. None.

L. Ron Hubbard developed a formula to help deal with radiation in the 1950s. He called it Dianazene. The Dianazene formula is as follows:

Nicotinic acid                            200 milligrams

Iron – Ferrous Gluconate           10 grains

Vitamin B1                                .25 milligrams

Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin            50 milligrams

Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid         200 to 500 milligrams

Dicalcium Phosphate                 15 to 20 grains

L. Ron Hubbard further wrote about Dianazene:

“Observation in research indicated that it should be taken daily, all at the same time, with milk and chocolate.

“It is not the best solution. But if we didn’t have anything else, Dianazene might serve the purpose very well in a limited sense.

“Research has shown that Dianazene apparently runs out radiation – or what appears to be radiation. It also appears to proof a person up against the effects of radiation to some degree.”

It is of interest that today there are also studies and articles of high flavonoid rich cocoa providing protection against UV radiation, due to the antioxidants present in dark chocolate. It may also help in cardiovascular diseases. There are also studies showing nicatanic (vitamin B3) acid is extremely useful.

I hope this is of use to my close friends and others in Japan right now who feel they mist stay and help. But remember there is no such thing as safe radiation about background levels.

And when you get a chance, do the Purification Rundown. See here the page: THE PURIFICATION RUNDOWN AND RADIATION.

Thank you for reading.

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