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Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life Course

One day up… the next day down. But now you can gain stability and success. “THERE ARE THOSE WHO TRY TO DO RIGHT AND THOSE WHO

Knowing Who You Can Trust Course

On Good or bad … How can you tell people apart? Find out who you can trust. “TRUSTWORTHINESS IS A HIGHLY ESTEEMED COMMODITY. WHEN ONE

Effective Time Management Course

How can I get more done in less time? Make every effort count. “IF YOU FIND IN ANY AREA YOU ARE TAKING TOO LONG TO

Creating a Successful Marriage Course

Start a marriage that will last a lifetime Begin a life of joy together “GETTING MARRIED IS AN ADVENTURE. BECAUSE WHEN YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED, YOU’RE

Science of Survival

Science of Survival was written by L. Ron Hubbard and perhaps is the greatest summary of the human mind of any book ever written.

Salvaging a Marriage Course

Get back the happiness you once shared… Bring your marriage back to life “A MARRIAGE, NO MATTER HOW STRAINED, CAN BE PUT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN.

Self Analysis

By L. Ron Hubbard Product Description “Self Analysis will conduct you on the most interesting adventure of your life. The adventure of you.” “How efficient

How To Improve Relationships With Others Course

How Can you build friendships that last? Know the secrets of enduring friendships. “TO LOVE IN SPITE OF ALL IS THE SECRET OF GREATNESS. AND MAY VERY

Successfully Raising Children Course

Build your child’s tomorrow. Lead the way to adulthood. “A CHILD IS NOT A SPECIAL SPECIES OF ANIMAL DISTINCT FROM MAN. A CHILD IS A

Personal Values and Integrity Course

Success and Happiness… There it is – it’s open for all “THE MAN WHO HAS HIS IDEALS, NO MATTER HOW THOROUGHLY HE MAY BE PERSUADED