Where Does God Fit Into Scientology?


This is a good question. I am an ordained minister who has been a Scientologist for decades 20 years.

When I came into Scientology I was looking to know about myself. I was not “looking for a religion”. I wanted to improve myself. I read Scientology books and they worked. I seemed to get better. My business got better and I applied what I learned about life from Scientology.

And as my life improved, I learned to improve the life of others. It allowed me to really feel good. I volunteered a lot in Asia. I helped people learn and study better, get them off drugs, and raised their IQ. I especially volunteered hard in helping those in disaster areas.

One day I heard a senior Scientologist say that he most definitely believed in God. He was so emphatic. The concept of God was written about by Mr. Hubbard in the several books I had read, but I never gave it much thought. You see, Mr. Hubbard (who founded Scientology) was a man, not a messenger from God. So he did not speak of God for God. He spoke or wrote of God as a man might write only. He did write that man would demise once he gave up the belief in God. (Science of Survival, 1951) While I had the idea that Mr. Hubbard was likely a very Godly person by his actions, he did not bring the subject of God heavily into his own teachings, other than to mention that God most definitely was apparent.

So I thought about this. He said that God existed. He did not teach about it as a Christian might. In the Ministers Course – which I undertook – I read holy texts from other religions. I read what others had written about God: the entire Holy Bible, the Holy Koran, the Vedas, books on Hinduism, and Buddhism, Shinto and more.

Then the penny dropped. I got it. We were not speaking of the same thing between religions. Words have meanings, but the word religion is different for different people. I use the definition religion from the Chambers dictionary 1949. There is natural religion, as in Scientology, Hinduism, and Buddhism, and there are revealed religions, such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

So, to answer the question, yes, Scientology does have God. but for some like me, it takes a while to recognize what God might be. However, in saying that, Scientology does not worship God or Gods as Revealed Religions may. The best I can explain it is that in Scientology you evolve spiritually until you reach a point where God makes sense to you and you can accept it. Further, it enables an individual to come to his own understanding as to what God is and his own companion with God.

The Scientology term for God I like best, is the Allness Of All.

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