What is God – Briefly?


People have asked what I believe is God, being a Scientologist, and so I give the following from my own understanding:

This question begs many other questions, such as was the physical universe created or was this primordial soup accidental?

Looking at the other articles in this category I can see logic is heavily used. Likely there is a lot of correct arguing going on.

But first let us ask what are we? We are life. I am to understand from some writings in this section that if one cannot see something it does not exist. You cannot see gravity, but it exists. You cannot see life, but it exists. Life exists. Gravity exists. But you cannot see either. You can only measure the phenomena of both.

One hypothesis is that God is infinite life. I do not think anyone can prove it any more than one can prove gravity is attraction. But if God were infinite life, and we are just a small pin prick of that life, then perhaps Genesis makes sense. I am not Christian, but rather a Scientologist. But Genesis has a lot of merit and if you can read it so as to make logical sense of it – it does make sense. You do not have to believe it but rather it can be understood to be true.

Now, if life were huge, and I mean universally huge, infinitely big, like an infinite ocean of life, beyond the realm of this universe, and we were only tiny water molecules in comparison, but looking into this physical universe, as life, then if you tried to find us and measure us with physical instruments, then maybe you could find that it may not be done.

Life follows different laws to physical universe laws. They cannot be compared. You cannot compare a cake for example, to a living entity.

Some people will say I am having a lend of myself, but I have given this some thought. If life were in this universe, as distinct from just viewing into it, then you could possibly measure it. But you cannot. However. You can quantify life to some degree. It seems by observation that a person has more life than a cow, and a cow more than a rat, and it more than a fly and so on. Life can obviously be quantified. It also displays characteristics, such as emotions. Cheerfulness, anger, grief and fear for example are characteristics of life. The physical universe cannot display emotions. Animals can as they are life. There are happy puppies, scared rabbits and so on. But there is no such thing as a grieving brick.

So if there is such a thing as life, and to date no one has really been able to prove its separate existence other than by observing its actions. So, then perhaps there is something bigger that can also be observed but not proven. By this I mean God. Perhaps we are like an ant staring at the toe nail of an elephant and from our evidence decide that such a huge animal as an elephant cannot exist because the ant cannot see the whole elephant to perceive it. And the elephant behind its toe nail is also way too huge to comprehend it with its own imagination. So for the ant to explain why it cannot see the elephant, it simply says, what elephant, it does not exist.

As life I myself can build a house, make a sand castle. Could it be possible for a life force which was so vastly infinite, to be able to manufacture an entire physical universe? And then, after a given time, scatter its observation points through that universe to experience that universe? 

I might be ridiculed for this, but I have now given this subject my best thoughts. I am a Scientologist. We are taught that there must be a Supreme Being, but that this is not a specific subject of Scientology study. Well, after a lot of thinking and study of Scientology, this is the best logical explanation I can give on life, and God and creation.

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