What is Religion?


To help answer this I use the a 1949 Chamber’s Twentieth Century Dictionary. It states that there are two kinds of religions.

There is a Revealed Religion, revealed through divine inspiration or inspiration from scripture.

Then there is a Natural Religion, which is derived by man from nature and not from revelation.

If one then looks up nature in the same Chamber’s dictionary it is defined as: The power which creates and which regulates the material world.

This is Scientology. Scientology is a study of laws and maxims that underlie nature, and man as a spirit. Scientology is a natural religion in this definition.

From the study of Scientology, one can be cause over the physical universe around him instead of effect.

I think the above is useful. Buddhism, and Hindu faiths would fall within this same definition of natural religion. And Judaism, Christianity and Islam would be revealed religions.


Locate the Church of Scientology of Canberra here.

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