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How Does Scientology Affect Your Life?

. ANSWER: Scientology affects you in a big way once you understand what it is about. The benefits of learning Scientology are immense. Let us

What really is Scientology?

ANSWER: This has been answered before and I answer it again here. Scientology is a philosophy. All religions are philosophy. People are what you might

What is Scientology – Briefly?

ANSWER: Let us first ask, what is religion, as that answers what is Scientology. Really. The answer is easy. Religion can best be described as

When Did Scientology Open?

ANSWER: It opened to the public when L. Ron Hubbard wrote his first book on the subject. But before Scientology – a study of the

Is Scientology a Religion?

. Much of the debate of the religiosity of Scientology hangs incorrectly on the inability of some to understand what a religion is. How can

I Have A Question

1. Can you summarize your beliefs in a few sentences to a paragraph? 2. What is most misunderstood about your religion? 3. What do you

How Did Scientology Start?

. ANSWER: Scientology started as a movement in 1950 when its founder published a book called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Dianetics is

Q: Information On Scientology

I’m not switching religions I am a Christian but I was watchin south park and it said it was about an evil emperor named zenu

What is Religion?

ANSWER: . Religion has many different meanings depending on what culture one comes from. The anthropology of religion perhaps began with Al Biruni (973 –

How Was Scientology Created?

ANSWER: . Scientology was not created as such, but I think you want to know how it all started. It first began as early as