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How Does Scientology Affect Your Life?

. ANSWER: Scientology affects you in a big way once you understand what it is about. The benefits of learning Scientology are immense. Let us

Is Scientology a Religion?

. Much of the debate of the religiosity of Scientology hangs incorrectly on the inability of some to understand what a religion is. How can

What is Religion?

ANSWER: . Religion has many different meanings depending on what culture one comes from. The anthropology of religion perhaps began with Al Biruni (973 –

Where Does Scientology Stand with Other Religions?

ANSWER: . This is an intelligent question. The word religion can come from Latin, meaning to fear the gods, abide by gods. Behind Latin is a source

Are There Scientology Ministers?

ANSWER: . Yes. I am a Minister of Religion, ordained and registered with the Australian government. I did my Ministers Course. There is a Minister in

How Do I Join Scientology?

ANSWER: . Joining a Church of Scientology could be a misleading term. Joining one of our Churches is not the correct way to look at

What is Religion?

. To help answer this I use the a 1949 Chamber’s Twentieth Century Dictionary. It states that there are two kinds of religions. There is a Revealed