Where Does Scientology Stand with Other Religions?



This is an intelligent question.

The word religion can come from Latin, meaning to fear the gods, abide by gods. Behind Latin is a source further back. Major religions that came off that source of Latin can be Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions, and more.

The 1949 Chambers dictionary is relevant here. It gives two categories of religion.

There is the “revealed religion, that which is derived from positive revelation by divinely inspired Scripture, or otherwise.”

Then there is “natural religion, that religion which is derived from nature and not revelation.” This latter definition would include Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, and more. It also includes Scientology.

These definitions of religion are important. In Scientology you learn about life. You are life. Life follows certain laws. The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, researched these laws. The laws are natural.

Mr. Hubbard made no claims to receiving divine inspiration. He teaches about life. In my church in Canberra – right this minute – we have a Mormon studying in our academy, and we also have a devout member of a a local new Christian church studying other days.

I have taught Scientology to some important people in Asia. They were Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Buddhist. They could see no conflict with Scientology and their own major faith. I cannot either.

I have a website which has a religious expertise in it by a Shinto scholar, whose son studied under the Pope at the Vatican. His expertise also deals in Scientology and why it is a religion. Click on the page below for more data. That you for reading thus far.

Locate the Church of Scientology of Canberra here.

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