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These are Answers to Questions that people have asked. The answers are not official answers from the Church of Scientology, but rather, simply answers that lay persons felt were right when they answered them. We hope they make sense and are useful. The answers may be corrected for grammar and punctuation, and if the source of the answer has offered change, that suits them better now, that change will be implemented herein as well.

I Have A Question

1. Can you summarize your beliefs in a few sentences to a paragraph? 2. What is most misunderstood about your religion? 3. What do you

How Did Scientology Start?

. ANSWER: Scientology started as a movement in 1950 when its founder published a book called Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Dianetics is

Q: Information On Scientology

I’m not switching religions I am a Christian but I was watchin south park and it said it was about an evil emperor named zenu

What is Religion?

ANSWER: . Religion has many different meanings depending on what culture one comes from. The anthropology of religion perhaps began with Al Biruni (973 –

Where Does Scientology Stand with Other Religions?

ANSWER: . This is an intelligent question. The word religion can come from Latin, meaning to fear the gods, abide by gods. Behind Latin is a source

Are There Scientology Ministers?

ANSWER: . Yes. I am a Minister of Religion, ordained and registered with the Australian government. I did my Ministers Course. There is a Minister in

How Do I Join Scientology?

ANSWER: . Joining a Church of Scientology could be a misleading term. Joining one of our Churches is not the correct way to look at

Scientology and the Internet?

ANSWER: . The topic of Scientology and the Internet has been around for some time. One wonders why the subject will not go away. The

How Was Scientology Created?

ANSWER: . Scientology was not created as such, but I think you want to know how it all started. It first began as early as

I need a brief history that makes sense about Scientology?

ANSWER: . The Birth of Dianetics started in the USA in the late 1940s. But one needs to look earlier. In 1923, when twelve years