Scientology Tools For Overcoming Financial Stress

Is there a way to go from stress to success?

You can take control!


IS YOUR LIFE afflicted by the stresses and strains of financial emergencies? If you are ending up with your attention on finance” rather than on living your life to the fullest, this course will give you tools that set you on the road of survival and happiness.

The Scientology Tools for Overcoming Financial Stress Course shows you how to take control of and effectively handle a financial crisis, small or seemingly large. It also gives you the tools to prevent one in the first place. These fundamentals, taken from experience in organizations, govern finance for any establishment of any size, and are equally applicable to personal finances so that you can free your attention for what matters most in life.

On this course you will learn:

    How to deal with a financial emergency without becoming part of the confusion.

    The precise actions to undo a financial mess and the exact procedures to handle pressing creditors.

    The key to financial prosperity for any person, business, organization or enterprise – large or small.

When you know and understand the basics of financial management, you can control your own prosperity and create a stress-free financial climate. You can truly succeed.

Length of course is 7 days part time.

Success: “This was such a great course. The references really were very spot on and helpful for my current scene. I had actually gone into despair and this course brought me up to being willing and able to handle it.” N.Z.

Success: “These are real solutions to my stress. I can do this! I’m already doing it! I’ve read so many books or parts of books on finances and always felt totally overwhelmed not knowing where to start. By the end of this course I felt much more in control. The Scientology Tools for Overcoming Financial Stress Course is simple and workable. I got right into action and I felt so much better.” M.B.

Success: “The tools provided are easy to understand and I’m very excited to apply them. I think that confronting finance is a problem that almost everyone faces and this course definitely makes it easier to confront stress head-on.” S.M.

Life Improvement Courses are studied using a
Scientology development called a “checksheet.” Every step of the
course is listed in sequence and one checks them off as they are completed.
This allows each student to study at their own optimum

Courses are studied in the course room at 106 Alinga street, under under
trained supervisors. These supervisors are trained so that you can understand
the data and get the benefits from it

Location: 106 Alinga Street. On the corner of Alinga
Street and Verity Lane. You are very welcome.

Open seven days a week during the day and evenings on week days.

We are right on the Canberra bus interchange, and paid parking is very close
by.  It is very easy to get here.

106 Alinga St., Canberra City.

PHONE: 02 6223 2063

Locate the Church of Scientology of Canberra here.

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