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Salvaging a Marriage Course

Get back the happiness you once shared…

Bring your marriage back to life


WHEN A MARRIAGE seems headed for trouble, what is the remedy? If a couple is constantly at odds, what can be done? And if one or both are thinking of separating and the marriage is already on the rocks, how can this be reverted?

L. Ron Hubbard isolated exactly why marriage breaks up, why communication between two people dwindles and why a marriage partner seeks to leave. Find out how to salvage such an unhappy situation.

On the Salvaging a Marriage Course you will learn:

    The three elements common to every relationship that you can use to build a lasting and prosperous union.

    How to resolve the common source of upsets between husband and wife.

    The reason marriage partners decide to separate – and the tools to remedy it.

The basic truths in this course govern all relationships. They comprise the only truly workable technology of relationships and have salvaged thousands, old and new.Length of course is 3 days part time.

Success: “This course was amazing! I never knew the reasons why divorces happen are so simple. People tend to make things more complicated than they really are. I feel like this course was worth a million dollars. It was so helpful and all my confusions vanished! Now I know what happened in the unsuccessful relationships I have had.” I.T.

Success: “The simplicity of the data is so powerful and amazing! I feel I have so much more understanding of what a marriage is, how to handle problems, the cause of the problems and more. I feel everything is so clear now and that I can handle any problems that come up!” N.I.

Success: “I can now completely handle my marriage. I know how to keep my communication clean with my partner, how to create together, how to overcome any obstacle and make it work.” V.D.

Success: “I had some great insight during this course. So much of life fell into place. This is a course for everyone in a relationship. It would help to keep the relationship together or help one sense what happened in the past.” D.I.

Life Improvement Courses are studied using a Scientology development called a “checksheet.” Every step of the  course is listed in sequence and one checks them off as they are completed. This allows each student to study at their own optimum speed.

Courses are studied in the course room at 106 Alinga street, under trained supervisors. These supervisors are trained so that you can understand the data and get the benefits from it.

Location: 106 Alinga Street. On the corner of Alinga Street and Verity Lane. You are very welcome.

Open seven days a week during the day and evenings on week days.

We are right on the Canberra bus interchange, and paid parking is very close by.  It is very easy to get here.

106 Alinga St., Canberra City.

PHONE: 02 6223 2063

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