Self Analysis

By L. Ron Hubbard

Product Description

“Self Analysis will conduct you on the most interesting adventure of your life. The adventure of you.”

“How efficient are you? What are your potentials? How much can you improve? Well, basically your intentions toward yourself and your fellow man are good. Basically, if sometimes clouded over with the not-so-pale cast of bad experience, your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe.” L. Ron Hubbard

Do you really know yourself? Now you can, with Self Analysis. This book will take you through your past, your potentials, your life. First with a series of self-examinations, you plot yourself, and then embark on a great adventure of self discovery.

The barriers of life are really just shadows. Learn to know yourself, not just a shadow of yourself. Self Analysis shows you how.

This book is 384 pages, including glossary and index. The softcover in this case is a spiralbound book, which makes for easy use, as these books are also work books, for self analysis, answering questions inside the book itself.

Do the free personality test below, before you start your self analysis, and once again after your self analysis is finished. The tests are free.

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